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            English Courses / TOEFL Prep in San Antonio TX

            Contact Our School

            Crossing Borders Group, LLC, Texas:
            Crossing Borders is a leading provider of English language instruction and cultural education in the USA. We offer quality English language classes for adults, teenagers and children throughout Texas - in San Antonio, Houston, Katy, and Spring / The Woodlands. Our beginner to advanced level Intensive / Semi-Intensive English programs feature comprehensive and accredited English classes for students and professionals who want to learn English as a second language.

            Email: Contact us here     ( or request a callback ).

            About Crossing Borders:

            Photo of English Courses / TOEFL Prep in San Antonio TXCrossing Borders Group is an industry leader in providing Intensive English to both students and business professionals alike. With a comprehensive evaluation, we can customize your courses, based on your needs, learning style and schedule.

            Experienced Native-Speaking Teachers:
            At Crossing Borders, all of our instructors are trained in proven techniques for teaching English as a foreign language. In addition to in-class lessons and activities, you can expect your teacher to assign additional 大中华彩票平台appwork to reinforce what you learned in class and enhance your retention.

            Increase Your English Language Proficiency:
            Each class is four hours long and incorporates a range of activities designed to provide you with critical instruction in grammar, vocabulary, common phrases and idioms, listening, reading and writing comprehension, and conversational English in the American cultural context.

            English Language Programs for Adults:

            Image of English Courses / TOEFL Prep in San Antonio TXCrossing Border English (ESL) classes are customized to meet your needs. Our teachers do a full evaluation of your language skills and needs in order to determine what steps are needed to meet your language learning goals. With Crossing Borders on your side, you will show improvement within your first lesson.

            Intensive English Program (140 hours)
            - 7 sessions of English classes at different levels
            - Classes meet 5 days a week for 4 hours
            - Develop practical skills in reading, writing & verbal communication

            Semi-Intensive English Program (84 hours)
            - Taught 3 days a week with the same intensity as our Intensive classes
            - Learn essential grammar rules and vocabulary

            Corporate / Business English:
            - Learn English in a professional setting. Classes taught on-site, or at a Crossing Borders campus

            Specialized English Courses:
            - General English
            - English Conversation
            - TOEFL & IELTS Exam Preparation
            - Private & Group classes
            - Business English for Students & Professionals
            - English classes for Executives (in corporate offices)
            - Accent Reduction & American Pronunciation
            - English classes for the entire family

            Student Testimonials:

            "My experience at Crossing Borders is very good because I'm learning the rules of speaking English. It's a good class and I like sharing with my classmates. Ms. Allan teaches English very well. I would like to speak more so I will be attending a more advanced conversation class for pronunciation next session."
            - ESL student (No English conversation skills when joining Crossing Borders)

            "My experience at Crossing Borders was very interesting each time I attended class. We were talking, writing, listening and interacting. There is always discussion on different topics. I can recommend Crossing Borders for individuals and teachers. My teacher was Miss Allen. She's an excellent person and as teacher, she's well-prepared."
            - ESL Student (No English when joining our program)

            Contact Us Today - Send a Quick Email here:
            ( or request a callback ).

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            Address: San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas , USA
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            acuña coahuila, Mexico;   San antonio;   Canyon Lake;   San Antonio, TX;   San Antonio;   Celaya Guanajuato mexico, Mexico;   Doral;   san antonio, Puerto Rico;   Texas;   New Braufels;   and more.