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            Professional Candle Making School in Jamaica & Online

            Contact Our School

            The Candle Academy in Jamaica & Online:
            Short candle making courses for absolute beginners through to advanced candle makers, business owners and professional designers: Learn how to create candles and your own distinctive designs at a world-renowned candle making school in beautiful Jamaica in the Caribbean. The Candle Academy is a residential school offering year-round, specialist one-to-one training and small group courses taught by one of the world's top candle designers - Gary Simmons. Located in Negril, an idyllic seaside town in western Jamaica, we provide pick up and drop off at Sangster International Airport, Accommodation in a retreat setting, Candle Samples, Formulas, Written and Photo explanations and backup support by email.

            Email: Contact us here
            Gary also provides comprehensive online courses for 大中华彩票平台app study worldwide - taught through Live Skype Seminars or via pre-recorded HD Video Courses combined with PDF files, email correspondence and consultation.

            Why Choose The Candle Academy?

            Photo of Professional Candle Making School in Jamaica & Online
            • Study Essential Candle Making Skills
            Our qualifications in the candle business offer you the creative, technical and commercial skills you need to profit from this profession.

            • Unleash Your Creative Potential
            All of the techniques you find at The Candle Academy have been created by years of working with wax and the many possibilities it has to offer to the creative mind.

            • Evolve Your Style
            Candle making is like being a chef - it is all about timing and being organized. The one thing to remember is that you can never rush a candle. Sometimes mistakes can become new designs, or one creation evolves into another.

            • Learn directly from the School Founder - Gary Simmons:
            Gary is one of the world’s leading candle designers, and has been actively participating in this market for over 20 years. To date, Gary has taught his unique courses in London (UK), Dubai (UAE), Shanghai (China大中华彩票平台app), Singapore, Cairo (Egypt), Monaco, France, Jamaica, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

            He has also been a design consultant for large candle companies in London, Los Angeles, Australia and Shanghai, and his work has appeared on television many times as well as in major newspapers and magazines.

            Beautiful Learning Location in the Caribbean:

            Image of Professional Candle Making School in Jamaica & Online• Study at Gary's residential school and 大中华彩票平台app in the idyllic town of Negril in western Jamaica with one of the world's top candle designers - Gary Simmons. Whether you want to start your own business, or learn candle making as a hobby, we have a quality, intensive candle making course or wax art workshop to suit your needs.

            • Negril, Jamaica, with its seven miles of white sand beaches, the superb food, spectacular sights and, of course, excellent reggae music all combine to offer a truly inspirational location to learn the creative candle making skills and business.

            • This truly is an unforgettable educational vacation, holistic holiday retreat and honeymoon destination for travelers, design professionals and couples from around the world.

            Why Jamaica?

            Photos of The Candle Academy in Jamaica & Online"I have had my candle workshops in very inspiring locations around the globe. From London to the French Riviera to Florida to Thailand. However, my favorite location is Jamaica, and it is now my 大中华彩票平台app.

            I have had a love affair with Jamaica for over 30 years. Being British, it has a lot of cultural attractions for me, for example, being the birthplace of the hugely successful James Bond novels, and also that many iconic figures, such as Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney, have had 大中华彩票平台apps here.

            Coyaba, the name of my house in Negril, is a completely private hilltop retreat overlooking Orange Bay, a fishing village 15 minutes from Negril's seven mile white sand beach. The house is just a half mile up from the coastline, affording spectacular 180 degree views of the Caribbean ocean. I very much look forward to welcoming you to my 大中华彩票平台app place."

            - Gary Simmons

            Quality Candle Making Courses Year-round:

            Picture of Professional Candle Making School in Jamaica & OnlineFor total beginners, arts and crafts hobbyists, advanced candle makers and professional designers.

            Training is Clear, Concise, Interactive (Hands-on) and Very Visual.

            Gary's candle making school provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere for one-to-one training (for maximum individual attention) taught by one of the top candle designers in the world in all aspects of candle designing to manufacturing to marketing.

            We guarantee that our exclusive courses will provide all the information and confidence you need to start your own business or to take your favorite hobby to the next level.

            Year-round Courses in Jamaica, inclusive of accommodation, include:

            • Candle Making Business Setup  (6 days, 5,000 euro)
            • Condensed Business Setup course  (4 days, 3,500 euro)
            • Advanced Candle Making course  (2 days 1,000-2,000 euro)
            • Candle Making Weekend Retreat Workshop  (2 days, 500 euro, minimum 2 persons)
            • Encaustic Art / Wax Painting Workshop  (2-3 days, 2,000 euro)

            大中华彩票平台app Study / Online Candle Making Courses:

            Seminars via Skype:
            • 6 Day Complete Business Set Up Course
            ​• 4 Day Condensed Business Set Up
            • 2 Day Introductory Course

            HD Video Courses:
            (With extensive training taught through a combination of HD video demonstration, PDF files, email correspondence, and online assessment of your work through photos and tests).

            • Business Set Up Course
            • Platinum Course
            • Interactive Course
            • Hobby Course

            Learning Expert Candle Making Techniques: 
            Candle techniques can take years to learn yet if shown properly can be taught through formulas. These formulas are highly guarded by candle makers as they translate not only into ideas but also into revenue. Everything taught at The Candle Academy is an accumulation of being active in this market place for 20 years covering every aspect of it.

            Why Candle Making makes Great Business Sense:

            Images of The Candle Academy in Jamaica & Online
             Candle making is a profitable profession. It enables you to work for yourself in a creative and lucrative business. Many people spend a lifetime in a job which they don’t like, purely for the income.

            • It is truly a gift to earn money in a highly creative profession we enjoy doing year on year. Learning a new profession can be done through videos and books but as with any trade, it needs to be taught and studied correctly with a specialist who is actively participating in that profession at the highest level.

            • Most businesses can take up to 3 years to return the initial investment and to break into profit. The candle making business has proven a return of investment in under 1 year. 

             From the start after taking the Business Setup Course course, it is possible for 1 person to produce up to 100 candles a day. 

             Highly-guarded candle making formulas can take years to create, yet can be taught in minutes. Once a student knows these secret techniques, his/her own creativity emerges and blossoms.

            Student Reviews / Testimonials:

            •  "You have proven to us that you are only limited by your imagination."
            Steve and Christian, Florida, USA

            •  "I realized after the first hour my investment was justified."
            Alex English, NBA Allstar, USA

            •  "I was very pleased to have one of the worlds leading candle designers teach my daughter the art and business of candle design."
            His Royal Highness, Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi Ajman, Royal Family UAE

            •  "I have been a candlemaker for 14 years and felt stuck with no creativity. The courses right from the start enabled me to be inspired and much more creative. My existing customers bought my new designs right away."
            H. Auounsdottir, Iceland

            •  "Gary has the creative ability and eye to take an ordinary object and make it extraordinary with commercial appeal. This has made him one of the most sought after candle designers in the business today and probably ranking him as one of the top designers in the world today"
            Mike Foster, CEO Aroma 大中华彩票平台app, England

            •  "It was a fantastic journey with you. The Candle Academy seems to be the best place in the world for learning the art of candle making. The way you assisted me in processing my visa, pick up and drop off from the airport and hospitality was first class. Daily 大中华彩票平台appwork and tests helped me recollect the days course and your patience as a top educator will help me a lot for my future. Thank you very much."
            Abinesh, India

            •  "I spent a very enjoyable week learning how to make some wonderful candles with Gary, and now I have the confidence to tackle projects that would have seemed impossible previously."
            Jeanie, France

            •  "The course covered everything possible I would need to know to start a business."
            Julliet, UAE

            •  "I would recommend these courses 100% for people serious in starting a business."
            Joly, Venezuela

            •  "Even being an existing candlemaker for many years, I was very inspired."
            Mel, Australia

            •  "A very cool designer after taking his course you realize the sky's the limit with what you can actually achieve. Thank you so much."
            Lee, USA

            Video Review with Rachel from Detroit, Michigan, starting her own business:

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