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            Contact - English Schools in Boston MA

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            1. American Language Programs, Inc.
            Courses / Programs
            • Learn English in the USA or Canada and live with your English language teacher! American Language Programs (ALP) offers English language 大中华彩票平台appstay programs which allow students to combine 大中华彩票平台appstay accommodation in the 大中华彩票平台app of their teacher with private English lessons.

            • Whether you are a total beginner or have an advanced level of English, your English classes will be designed to meet your individual needs.

            • We teach students from around the world between the ages of 12 - 80. You can choose to stay from one week or up to three months and longer stays can also be arranged.

            • The emphasis of our program is that students have the opportunity to practice using English. Your teacher and 大中华彩票平台appstay host is a highly qualified teacher usually with many years of training & experience and one or more academic degrees from well-known colleges or universities.

            We offer ESL 大中华彩票平台appstay Programs in:
            • Boston, Massachusetts
            • New York City, NY / New Jersey
            • Honolulu, Hawaii
            • Phoenix, Arizona
            • Los Angeles & San Francisco, California
            • Orlando, Kissimmee, Miami, Palm Beach & Boca Raton, Florida
            • Vancouver, BC in Canada

            Student Testimonial:
            "I stayed three times with my family. Living with a family and having several hours of classes each day is a 10 (10 being top!). It's a wonderful way to improve one's English painlessly and discover the "real American life."
            - Benedicte, France
            English Language + 大中华彩票平台appstay Programs:

            • Our Standard 大中华彩票平台appstay Program
            • Business English & Specialized Vocabulary
            • Deluxe / 4-Star Program
            • Public Speaking / Business English Instruction
            • TOEFL, GRE, GED, LLM Exam Preparation
            • University Application / Registration
            • Corporate / Workplace English classes
            • Private English lessons
            • English language pronunciation, including grammar, vocabulary, and accent reduction...

            Specific contact pages
            2. Kaplan International Boston
            Courses / Programs
            • Choose from two English language schools in Boston with Kaplan International. Located in Boston’s city centre (Fenway), and at Harvard Square, our English schools offer a comprehensive range of courses for students of all levels.

            • Join one of our English language schools and discover the fascinating history of Boston, America’s education capital, while you study English.

            • Citizens of 66 countries attended our Boston ESL schools last year. 

            • Our English language schools in Boston are accredited by ACCET.

            • Choose from a comprehensive range of English courses, exam preparation courses, and accommodation options. Learn English in Boston with first-class teachers in excellent learning facilities and advance your academic and professional career. 

            • Kaplan International offers high standards of teaching and student care, as well as quality courses and accommodation at our English schools worldwide.

            Student Review:
            "The Kaplan Experience was the turning point of my life. When I first came here I couldn’t speak any English, I was afraid to speak for fear that people would misunderstand me.

            I know I’m still not perfect but at least I’m confident now and not afraid of speaking. I also have met new friends and learned about other cultures.”

            - Yina Youn, South Korea (Academic Year Intensive student)
            Quality English Language Courses:
            • Intensive English (including Academic Year/Semester option)
            • General English (including Academic Year/Semester option)
            • Vacation English lessons
            • TOEFL and Academic English
            • Business English

            Exam Preparation Programs:
            • GRE Exam preparation
            • GMAT Test preparation

            Specific contact pages
            3. NSL Mondial, Boston
            Courses / Programs
            • Conveniently situated in the exclusive and historical Beacon Hill area in Boston, we provide high-quality English language courses to adult and junior international students from around the world.

            • Taught by university-educated and experienced native English speakers, NSL Mondial's English classes are offered at 10 levels - from complete beginner to advanced. You will be placed in the class that best suits your current level.

            • We guarantee small class sizes (average of 9 students and maximum of 12 students). This ensures that you get the individual attention and class participation you need to improve your English quickly.

            • 大中华彩票平台app of American independence and the birth of a nation, Boston is an exciting place to explore and an ideal place to learn or perfect your English.

            • You can cross the river to Cambridge and pay a visit to Harvard University, or walk the Greenway which extends from the financial district to the harbor. Take a tour through history by walking the Red Brick Line, or visit one of the many museums and galleries Boston has to offer.

            • Established in 1978, our English language school provides excellent student support services along with a warm and caring atmosphere.

            • You will also participate in many fun activities each week, as well as excursions in the community.

            • NSL Mondial also offers English summer camps in Boston for children and teenagers (ages 7-17).
            English Courses for Adults:

            • Intensive English program (30 hours per week)
            • Semi-Intensive English Plus program (24 lessons per week)
            • Semi-Intensive / Part-time English program (20 lessons per week)
            • IELTS exam preparation course
            • Cambridge CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) exam preparation
            • Business English classes for professionals, executives
            • 大中华彩票平台appstay program / live with American host family

            ESL Programs for Juniors:

            • English language camps in Boston for children and teenagers (ages 7-17)

            Specific contact pages
            4. Boston Academy Of English
            Courses / Programs
            Learn More, Pay Less. Boston Academy of English wants you to learn more than just English - we want you to experience American culture in the best city for international students in the world - Boston. One of the most academically prestigious cities in the United States, Boston is 大中华彩票平台app to hundreds of outstanding colleges and universities. Whether you need to improve your English to help you get into the school of your choice - or prepare you for the better job that you deserve - Boston Academy of English is your answer. Our Quality English programs are Accredited by ACCET and are the best price value in the Boston Area.
            Standard English Program (20 lessons/week), Intensive English Program (24 lessons per week), Intensive English Plus Program (30 lessons per week), TOEFL Test Preparation (24 lessons per week), GMAT, Private Lessons, Corporate English, Summer Program, ESL Teacher Training Certificate Program
            5. TALK International, Boston
            Courses / Programs
            TALK International Boston is an ACCET-accredited English language school located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We offer English courses to students from around the world with all levels of English from beginner to advanced.

            Our intensive English programs include general, academic and business English courses. Exam Preparation programs include IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge courses.

            Founded in 1996, TALK English Schools are located in 7 major cities in the USA: Atlanta, Aventura, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Miami Beach and San Francisco.

            Our university campus language centers provide students with the ideal location to study English and immerse themselves in American culture.

            TALK International is recognized throughout the world as a leader in language training. Our proven language training methodology (referred to as the TALK Method) is based upon the communicative method of language acquisition. We utilize cutting-edge materials and technology to optimize the learning process.
            English Language Courses:

            - General English

            - Academic English

            - Exam Preparation (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and Cambridge)

            - Business English Courses

            - Accent Reduction Course

            - Tourism English

            - Private English Lessons

            - TESOL Courses

            - Academic Writing Courses
            6. Boston School of English
            Courses / Programs
            Situated in Roslindale, Boston MA, just 8 miles south-west of Downtown, Boston School of English provides basic beginner to advanced level English language programs to international students from around the globe.

            We provide intensive and semi-intensive English programs for all ages in the city of Boston. Students can choose to study 20, 22, 24, 26, or 30 classes per week with ESL classes starting any Monday year round.

            Our Specialized classes are based on a focus oriented curriculum in General English, Academic English, Business English, and Test Preparation courses like TOEFL and IELTS.

            Since 1925, we have educated thousands of students and professionals from all over the world.

            We are the school of choice for students and professionals looking to improve their qualifications in the global environment, and for those students seeking a pathway program to transition to the American high school, college, or university that will prepare them for academic and career success.
            Full Time English Courses:
            - Intensive English
            - Super Intensive English

            Part Time English:
            - Semi-Intensive English
            - Evening English Programs
            - English Lab

            Academic English:
            - TOEFL & IELTS Preparation
            - Pathway / University English

            English For Professionals:
            - Full-Time English Programs
            - Semi-Intensive English
            - Private English Instruction
            - English For Specific Purposes
            - On-Site English Program

            Summer / Family English Programs:
            - Summer English Programs
            - Children's English Programs
            7. Boston International Academy
            Courses / Programs
            Located in Brighton, Boston in Suffolk County, Massachusetts (New England), Eastern United States, Boston International Academy is an excellent school offering a wide selection of ESL programs, from basic ESL grammar, vocabulary and conversation classes to accent reduction and pronunciation, advanced TOEFL iBT preparation or business English. Our program offers students the flexibility to choose from a variety of subjects and teaching styles. Your English fluency will progress quickly in our small classes with dedicated teachers.

            Our outgoing, experienced faculty and staff are ready to support all of your academic needs. In fact, BIA's teachers are so devoted to personalized study that we provide an individualized review for every enrolled student at the end of each month. We want to help you succeed! BIA was established in 2007 by educators dedicated to teaching English to students from all over the world. We issue I-20's and help with the visa application process as well as housing. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston offers its visitors a rich history and is one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities in the world.
            - ESL Programs
            - English Courses for all levels beginner to advanced
            - English with 大中华彩票平台appstay
            - TOEFL Exam Preparation Course
            - Business English Course
            - English Conversation Classes
            - Accent Reduction and Pronuncation Classes
            - Grammar Courses
            - Vocabulary Building Lessons
            - Group Courses
            - Private Tuition
            8. LSI Boston
            Courses / Programs
            LSI Boston is conveniently located on the borders of China大中华彩票平台apptown and the Theatre and Financial Districts, a short walk from major subway, bus and commuter rail stations. There are spacious modern classrooms, a student lounge and lobby where drinks and snacks are available to purchase, a Student Resource Room with a small library of resource material, and a computer room with free internet access and self study materials. Our monthly social and leisure calendar invites you to use your English while visiting local attractions with your new friends and teachers. Popular activities are historical walking tours, visits to the Museum of Fine Arts, skating on the Boston Common and cheering on the 大中华彩票平台app side at a professional sports event. For those who would rather participate themselves, there are opportunities to go sailing, cycling, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and more. Heading further afield, we organise weekend trips to New York, Montreal and the sandy beaches of Cape Cod.
            Courses include Standard 20 (20 fifty-minute lessons per week), Intensive 30 (30 lessons per week), MEB - Modular English for Business, Cambridge Exam courses, EET - English for (non-native) English Teachers, Executive Courses (one to one available), and more.

            Specific contact pages
            9. APPROACH International Student Center
            Courses / Programs
            Learning English in Boston can be both fun and rewarding. Perhaps you need university-level training in listening, reading, writing, speaking and TOEFL preparation. We have an Intensive English program designed especially for you. Our ESL classes prepare beginner, intermediate, and advanced English students for a lifetime of rewarding experiences. We have been helping students from around the world come to the US to study English and apply to colleges and universities. By working closely with international students for many years, we have come to understand what students want in an English school in USA and need in an ESL program. Our curriculum emphasizes real-life situations and our teaching methods ensure you'll learn quickly. We have a unique teaching approach, and use the latest techniques in Intensive English instruction. You will begin speaking English on the very first day of class! As our programs and services have steadily grown throughout the world, so has our reputation. Our 200 students include visitors from Japan, France, Spain Korea, Italy, Russia, China大中华彩票平台app, Brazil, Colombia, and many other countries.
            10 levels from low/beginner to high/advanced; Elective courses including: vocabulary, pronunciation, accent reduction, business English, American idioms, American literature, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and computer classes; 4 - 12 students/class; 4 - 32 hours of classes/week, Private classes
            10. LAL Boston, Boston
            Courses / Programs
            Formerly known as Language Skills English Center, LAL Boston is an English language school in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, that provides quality and affordable English courses to students from around the world.

            Boston is North America’s most prestigious city of education, 大中华彩票平台app to Harvard, MIT, and Boston University. Due to LSEC's rigorous academic programs, including intensive English and TOEFL preparation, many of our students end up transferring to one of these great universities.

            LAL Boston classes teach English in a fun and exciting way that will help you improve your English in the shortest amount of time. You take a placement test on arrival to make sure that you are placed in the class that best suits your needs. 

            At the completion of your program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion (programs over 16 weeks) or Certificate of Participation (programs under 16 weeks). 

            LSEC is authorized by the Federal Government to issue form I-20 to qualified students who want to study full-time in the USA.

            Our student population comes from countries all over the globe, from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, China大中华彩票平台app, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Morocco, Sudan, Nepal, Russia, and many more. 

            Student Testimonial:
            “My husband and I loved the school. The teachers are are competent and friendly also. We made many friends. It was a great experience and a very special 4 weeks vacation.” - Maira, Brazil, Vacation English Program
            General and Intensive English Courses:
            - General English Course
            - General English Extra
            - Intensive English

            Business English Courses:
            - General Business English
            - Business + General English Extra
            - Business + Afternoon English

            English Exam Preparation Courses:
            - Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English)
            - TOEFL Prep

            Private / One-to-one English: 
            - Private English Tuition
            - English For Two

            We provide flexible schedules so that anyone can find a class that fits his/her schedule.

            Specific contact pages
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            School & Program Search
            Some of the program inquiries submitted here up to 大中华彩票平台app-03-01 were from viewers in:

            Boxford Massachusetts;   San Francisco, CA;   Boston;   Massachusetts, Oman;   Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan;   Weston MA;   Florida;   Plainville;   Jávea, Spain;   Sunnyvale, CA, South Korea;   and more.