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            Contact - Summer Camps in England & UK

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            1. Language and Music For Life
            Courses / Programs
            • Founded in 1997, Language and Music for Life (LMFL) offers unique 2-week or 3-week summer music and language courses in Llandovery in south-west Wales, UK.

            • LMFL provides quality one-to-one training in a wide range of instruments & voice tuition to highly-motivated musicians of all ages (children aged 5+, teenagers & adults). In addition, we offer English and foreign language classes in private lessons or small groups.

            • Designed primarily for highly motivated musicians with a level of musical knowledge enabling them to derive maximum benefit from high quality tuition, the course is open to musicians preparing for national, international exams or competitions, skilled amateurs and "tourist musicians".

            • The main course is 2 weeks long or 3 weeks with the optional intensive pre-course.

            • Our Summer Courses 大中华彩票平台app will be hosted by Llandovery College, a day and boarding school in Carmarthenshire, approximately 5 hours by train from London and 1.5 hours from Swansea.

            • Llandovery College is easily accessible by excellent road & rail links. Cardiff International Airport is just 45 miles away.

            • During the course, students can take world-recognized Trinity College London exams.

            • Trinity College London provides exams & qualifications in over 60 countries, and LMFL provides our students with the opportunity to take Trinity College music qualifications.

            • We will also offer a music camp in Italy in summer 大中华彩票平台app for adults & teens (17+) at advanced level or professional musicians.
            2 weeks or 3 weeks with optional intensive Pre-Course

            • Musical Tuition / Masterclasses:
            Orchestra conducting; Composition; Choir; Chamber music; Violin, Viola, Piano, Recorder, Harp, Flute & Piccolo; Saxophone, Clarinet, Brass, Oboe, Guitar (acoustic & electric), Cello, Drum & Voice classes.

            • Classical Singing:  
            Vocal technique & interpretation of classical songs & arias.

            • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian & German.

            • Optional 1-week Pre-Course in English, French, German or Spanish + music tuition (chamber music & choir)

            Specific contact pages
            2. ISSOS, Summer Schools at St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale Universities
            Courses / Programs
            • ISSOS offers stimulating, all-inclusive 3-week summer courses in 大中华彩票平台app for international students aged 13-18.

            • The programs are held in July and August in the wonderful locations of St. Andrews in Scotland and Cambridge in England - university towns that provide a stunning, unique and safe location.

            • Both UK summer schools operate from the world-famous universities and take full advantage of their fantastic facilities. 

            • Our residential summer schools aim to offer a balanced experience of academics, fun and culture. Students choose one academic subject and one elective subject to study during their stay.

            • We also offer a full program of activities, trips, cultural enrichment and the ISSOS Highland Games allowing students to combine learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure.

            • ISSOS are proud to provide high quality academic programs which attract students from all over the world, representing over 80 nationalities. We offer limited places to guarantee small class sizes and individual attention. 

            • Pick up service by a uniformed member of staff at the selected international airports and accompanied to St Andrews or Cambridge.

            • ISSOS also provides a 3-week residential academic summer camp at Yale University in USA for international students.

            "It’s hard to sum up ISSOS in a few lines, but its quite easy to sum up in one word: Brilliant! From classes to activities to trips, ISSOS has something for everyone and more than one thing for most."
            Rachel, USA
            A stimulating and balanced summer experience of academics, fun, sport, the arts & culture.

            Academic Program options - St. Andrews:

            • English Language (for beginners to advanced)
            • Pre-IB Program
            • IB Extended Essay
            • Debate Program
            • Youth Leadership
            • Creative Writing

            with 1 Elective: Film, Art, Theatre, Golf, or Tennis.

            Academic Program options - Cambridge:

            • English Language (for beginners to advanced)
            • Pre-IB Program
            • Debating
            • Journalism
            • Business Studies & Entrepreneurship

            with 1 Elective: Photography, Fencing, Outdoor Leadership, Theatre, or Tennis.

            Specific contact pages
            3. Let Me Play Sports Camps
            Courses / Programs
            • Let Me Play are leading specialists in hosting sports camps and sports tours. We provide residential summer sports camps in Loughborough University, Leicestershire in the East Midlands of England.

            • We offer Soccer Football, Basketball, Athletics & English Language Camps. 

            • Each year, we provide summer camps for UK-based and international students (ages 10-18) that include accommodation & meals. We also offer non-residential camps for local students.

            • Our Soccer, Basketball, Athletics & English Language Camps are a great way to meet new friends, build self-confidence, develop skills, and learn new ones from industry professionals.

            • Coming from overseas? We offer English lessons alongside all of our camps, as well as a dedicated English Camp! Just ask and we can create a custom English program just for you so you can learn a new language as well as a new sport!

            • Best of all, we offer competitive prices too. Group discounts are available. Sightseeing tours are also available with each camp as an extra.

            • Our sports camps are situated just 160km / 100 miles north of London, and within comfortable reach from London, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton.

            Student Review / Testimonial:
            “Every single day was action packed with sport and sessions challenged our technical ability but were always great fun. The experience was worth every moment.”
            - Football Camp Participant, UK
            Sports Summer Camps for ages 10-18
            For pupils from primary school to secondary school.

            • Athletics Camp: Coaching in all track & field events.

            • Soccer / Football Players Camp: Strategically designed to educate players on what it takes to be a professional footballer.

            • Basketball Camp with international coaches.

            Language Camps & Academic 
            • English Language Camp (run alongside sports camps)

            Optional English lessons are available alongside all our sports camps!

            Specific contact pages
            4. Sunshine Studios - Hip Hop Dancing Summer School
            Courses / Programs
            • Sunshine Dance Studios is one of the UK's largest Dance & Arts Studios, with dance courses and classes in various locations in northwest England including Manchester City Centre, Blackburn, and Blackpool.

            • We are also offering summer dance programs in Los Angeles, Norway, China大中华彩票平台app, and Egypt for children, teens, and young adults in their 20's.

            • At our Hip Hop Dancing Summer Schools in Manchester, Blackpool and Bolton, we offer 2-week Hip Hop intensive summer school programmes for locally-based students and international students.

            • This course consists of Hip Hop, Street, Locking, Popping and Break Dancing, as well as English Language and Culture Classes.

            • We provide dance courses for children, with camps for 3-6 and 6-12 year olds, as well as courses for teens and young adults ages 12+.

            • We have different levels within our camps: beginners, intermediates and advanced (serious dancers or pros) so you can learn at your own pace. Our groups are divided by ability rather than age group.

            • In addition, we offer an intense international dance camp for hard core dance training with all the best overseas choreographers. This course is for serious dancers who are wanting to push themselves to their maximum potential.
            Hip Hop Dancing Summer Courses:

            • 2-week Hip Hop Intensive Summer School for both local and international students at beginner, intermediate & advanced levels. (Ages 12+)

            • Intense International Dance Camp (for Advanced / Professional dancers)

            • Under 12's Hip Hop Summer School

            • House Dance International (HDI) Summer Camp

            • 3-6 Years Dance Summer School

            • Optional English Language Classes

            Specific contact pages
            5. Reach Cambridge - Academic Camps
            Courses / Programs
            • Reach Cambridge offers UK & international high school students the opportunity to gain an invaluable academic experience through a spring or summer course in one of the top educational facilities in the world.

            • We provide unique and academically-rigorous residential programmes for students ages 14-18.

            • Located just 50 miles north of London, students stay in one of Cambridge University’s colleges or in our central Cambridge headquarters, ‘Reach Hall’.

            • Our challenging and vibrant courses are designed to provide unique introductions to your favourite academic subjects at University level.

            • As well as an unrivaled academic environment, students experience British culture in the stimulating and distinguished surroundings of the University City of Cambridge in the south-east of England.

            • Reach Cambridge combines classes, lectures and workshops – often led by Cambridge academics – with a varied program of exciting activities and excursions across Britain.

            • Each course is specially designed to complement high school studies, whilst also offering a glimpse of University-style learning.

            • Our fun, summer programs help to prepare students for university, and students are encouraged to fully immerse themselves in college life.

            • Our programs are tailored to the individual’s study needs and enriched by an extra-curricular program.

            • How better for your child to enrich and expand their school curriculum while gaining an insight into life at one of the world's top universities?
            1 & 2-week Spring Camps in March & April 大中华彩票平台app.

            2 & 4-week Summer Camps 大中华彩票平台app in July & August:
            • Biotechnology
            • Business Management & Economics
            • Computer Science
            • ENG4U Grade 12 English
            • Engineering
            • English Literature & Creative Writing
            • ESL for International Students
            • Journalism & Media
            • Law
            • Liberal Arts
            • Life Sciences & Medicine
            • Mathematics
            • Physics & Astronomy
            • Politics & International Relations
            • Psychology
            • SAT Preparation

            Specific contact pages
            6. The Ingenium Academy International Summer School for Music
            Courses / Programs
            • The Ingenium Academy International Summer School for Music provides 1, 2 and 3-week residential summer music camps in the beautiful and historic city of Winchester (one hour south west of London) in the south of England for young musicians of ages 14-18.

            • We offer a unique musical and cultural experience for talented teenage instrumentalists and singers from all over the world.

            • Our international summer music camp offers seven exceptional musical programmes: Voice, Piano, Saxophone, Conducting, Orchestral, Chamber Music, and Composition programmes.

            • You will experience exclusive tuition from world-renowned musicians, performances in top British venues, and the opportunity to meet like-minded friends from all over the world within our environment of creative excellence.

            • The heart of The Ingenium Academy lies within our distinguished faculty, which comprises some of the UK's finest teachers and musicians with extremely high standards of musicianship and expertise.

            • Our teaching methods range from full ensemble rehearsals to small sectional groups and one on one tuition, in which students are encouraged to focus on whatever aspect of their playing / singing they wish to develop.

            • We also offer a range of musical and vocal workshops in jazz, classical, pop, gospel and opera, as well as day trips and evening activities.

            Student Review / Testimonial:
            "The Ingenium Academy was amazing, unforgettable and incredible - the happiest three weeks of my life!"

            • Anna, Cello Student, UK
            International Summer Music Camp:
            1 week, 2 week or 3 week residential programmes

            • Vocal: Sing with the Ingenium Youth Choir

            • Orchestral: Form orchestral & chamber ensembles

            • Piano: Improve all aspects of piano playing

            • Saxophone: Improve all aspects of playing and gain ensemble experience

            • Conducting: Gain hands-on experience & tuition in conducting

            • Chamber Music: For musicians with a passion for small ensemble playing

            • Composition: For those with a passion for writing new music

            Musical Workshops:
            • Jazz, Classical, Pop, Gospel & Opera

            Specific contact pages
            7. Arts University Bournemouth - Summer Courses
            Courses / Programs
            • Are you a UK secondary school student or international high school student, or college student with an interest in creative arts and design?

            • If so, earn a Certificate this summer from the UK’s leading arts university!

            • Access world-class facilities and a highly-acclaimed teaching staff, and create a valuable network of new friends and expert tutors. Benefit from an educational and cultural summer experience to remember with AUB.

            • Situated less than 2 hours south of London by train, the University provides a range of 2 and 3-week specialist summer courses to British and international students ages 13+.

            • Our comprehensive summer programs include Animation, Adobe Packages, Digital Photography, Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Print Making, Graphic Design, Fashion, and more.

            • When you join one of our summer courses, you will have access to the university's state-of-the-art facilities, modern equipment and one of the largest art and design libraries in the south of England.

            • All Summer Course students receive an official AUB Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion. University accommodation is available if required.

            Student Review:
            “Brilliant course, fast-paced with an amazing amount of information and skills shared, which has resulted in a marked improvement in my techniques and understanding of garment construction.”  - Vicky, USA
            2 Week Creative Arts Summer School:
            All-inclusive residential course for students of ages 13-16 years old

            Sessions / topics include:
            • Drawing, Illustration, Graphic Design, Fashion, Digital Photography, Animation, Mixed Media, Animation...

            Specialist 2-3 Week Summer Courses:
            In June / July / August

            For UK & international students of ages 15+ and 18+ years

            • Graphic Design and Visual Communication
            • British Architecture and 3D Design
            • Animation
            • Drawing and Illustration
            • Fashion and Textiles
            • Studio Photography
            • Filmmaking
            • Creative Makeup
            • Portfolio Preparation for the Arts

            Specific contact pages
            Updated: 大中华彩票平台app-02-27
            Updated: 大中华彩票平台app-02-27
            8. Manchester City Football Performance Program, Liverpool FC Residential Camps, Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools, Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools & Brighton FC Soccer Schools
            Courses / Programs
            • Founded in 1999, Soccer Camps International is a global leader in providing the best services and information on famous soccer football camps in the UK and Europe.

            • Our prestigious UK soccer camps include intensive summer programs with Manchester City Football Performance Program, Manchester City Football Language School, Liverpool FC Residential Camps as well as Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools & Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools in London, and Brighton FC Soccer Schools.

            • Manchester City Camps provide intensive on-pitch soccer training and English language classes to boys ages 9-17 and girls ages 12-17 at the world-class City Football Academy facility, the training ground for the Manchester City Football Club First Team and Academy players. 

            • Liverpool FC provide camps for boys ages 10-17.

            • Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools offers 2-week football camps in London for boys 9-17 & girls 12-17 which can be combined with optional quality English language classes.

            • Nike Soccer Camps with Chelsea FC Foundation offers weekly football camps in London for boys 9-17 & girls 12-17 which can be combined with optional quality English language classes.

            • Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools provides 1 or 2-week summer soccer camps for boys ages 9-17 in 4 different London-based locations.

            • Brighton FC offer a Soccer Schools and Language Camp for boys ages 8-17 in southern England.
            Manchester City Football Performance / Development Programs
            •Intensive 1-week soccer training for boys & girls 9-17 years old

            Manchester City Football Language School
            •1 or 2-week soccer camp for boys 9-17 & girls 12-17

            Liverpool FC Residential Camps
            •Boys 10-17 & Girls 12-17

            Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools
            •Weekly summer camps for boys 9-17 & girls 12-17

            Nike Soccer Camps with Chelsea FC Foundation
            •Boys 9-17 & girls 12-17

            Arsenal Football Development Summer Schools
            •1-2-weeks for boys ages 9-17

            Brighton FC Soccer Schools

            •For Boys 8-17

            Specific contact pages
            Updated: 大中华彩票平台app-01-31
            Updated: 大中华彩票平台app-01-31
            9. International Summer Camp UK - Camp Cooper
            Courses / Programs
            • The International Summer Camp UK delivers Camp Cooper, a residential summer camp designed for boys and girls ages 7-17 from the UK and around the world.

            • Based in the picturesque village of Crieff, just an hour's drive from Glasgow and Edinburgh, Camp Cooper offers exciting activities, high quality English language tuition and the opportunity to meet new friends. You can choose to stay for 2, 4 or 6 weeks, and transportation is provided from the airport to Camp.

            • Our 2018 parents rated Camp Cooper 9.5 out of 10 and 100% of them would recommend us to a friend!

            • We ensure that your time at Camp Cooper is an adventure where every day is BURSTING with new and exciting things to do! Campers plan their perfect summer experience with a wide choice of electives, including English language lessons for non-native English speakers.

            • Our classes provide maximum opportunities to improve English language confidence. We make learning English fun, through games, journalism, debate, creative writing, planning events, theatre, and creating a camp newspaper.

            • During their time at Camp Cooper, we actively encourage campers to develop independence, teamwork and leadership. We focus on forming friendships, inspiring creativity, encouraging learning and having fun.

            • Our unique combination of high quality electives, exciting outdoor activities, day trips and evening programmes is exclusive to Camp Cooper, and ensures campers have an exceptional summer experience.
            2, 4 & 6-week summer camp for boys & girls ages 7-17:

            Elective Activities:
            Choose 2 electives per week

            • English Lessons - 10 hours per week available
            • Football
            • Tennis
            • Golf
            • Other Sports (Rugby, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Swimming..)
            • Mountain Biking
            • Outdoor Adventure
            • Film-Making
            • Rockstar (Guitar, Drums, Piano, Singing)
            • Art
            • Performing Arts
            • Creative Superstar (Ice-cream / Smoothie Making, Baking, T-shirt Design, Comic Book Creation, Theatre & Costume Design, Mural Creation)
            • Journalism
            • Dance (Street, Hip Hop..)

            Specific contact pages
            10. International Summer School for Teens
            Courses / Programs
            • International Summer School for Teens is an exclusive summer program in Scotland in 2019, and based on University of Stirling campus (just 40 minutes from Edinburgh Airport and 45 minutes from Glasgow International Airport).

            • We specialise in providing a personalised, safe, and friendly residential experience for students ages 12 to 17.

            • We welcome participants of all levels from the UK, Europe, U.S., and around the world.

            • Students select one academic-based morning study option (Beginner English, Intermediate English / IELTS, English Academic Writing, Global Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Law, Environmental Studies & Conservation, or PRE IB / PRE GSCE Study Skills), and one sporting / creative afternoon course (Golf, Tennis, Theatre, Photography, or Creative Coding).

            • Participants in our summer school program stay on campus at the University of Stirling - which is regularly referred to as one of the most beautiful campuses in the world, and is also regarded as Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence.

            Parent Testimonials:
            "Our son really enjoyed the golf, leadership, and adventure activities. Thank you to all the staff for being so easy to work with and for providing such a lovely experience!”
            • Anita, USA

            “My son radiates with pleasure when he thinks back about his fantastic experience of last summer at  the International Summer School for Teens. The whole setting was more than he had expected and experienced before. A big thank you to all of you!”
            • Saskia, Belgium
            3-week Residential Summer School Programs in Scotland:

            • Boys & Girls ages 12-17
            • Students choose 1 'Academic' course, and 1 'Sporting / Creative' course

            Academic Course Options:
            • Beginner English
            • Intermediate English / IELTS
            • English Academic Writing 
            • Global Entrepreneurship
            • Introduction to Law
            • Environmental Science and Conservation
            • Study Skills (PRE IB / PRE GSCE)

            Sport / Creative Courses:
            • Golf
            • Tennis
            • Sports Leadership
            • Creative Coding / Programming
            • Theatre / Drama
            • Photography

            Specific contact pages
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            School & Program Search
            Some of the program inquiries submitted here up to 大中华彩票平台app-03-08 were from viewers in:

            Spain;   Israel;   Hong Kong;   Latvia;   USA;   Pakistan;   Nigeria;   Italy;   India;   Kazakhstan;   and more.