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            Contact - German Language Courses in Germany

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            1. Goethe-Institut
            Courses / Programs
            • The Goethe-Institut is Germany’s worldwide cultural institution. With over 60 years of experience, we have built up a network of 160 institutes in 94 countries, and teach German to nearly 30,000 students per year in Germany alone.

            • We specialize in teaching German as a foreign language, teacher training and developing curricula, examinations and course materials.

            • In Germany, our institutes are located in Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Göttingen, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Munich, and Schwäbisch Hall.

            • We provide a wide range of year-round German language programs including General & Intensive German, Exam Preparation courses, German for university studies, Business German, and more.

            • We also provide summer and winter courses for teens and children at attractive locations throughout Germany and Austria.

            • Goethe-Institut sets internationally recognised standards in the teaching and learning of German as a foreign language.

            • It runs language courses, compiles teaching materials, trains teachers, contributes to scientific research and participates in politico-language initiatives. 

            Student Review:
            “I would never have believed that learning could be so much fun. The teachers at the Goethe-Institut are really good. When I came here I was really afraid to speak German. Now that's hard for me to imagine!"
            - Vera, Russia
            German Language Courses:

            • Beginner to advanced levels

            • Year-round program of intensive German courses for general needs (2, 4 & 8 week study options)

            • German Evening courses

            • Examination preparation for German universities (TestDaF/ C2)

            • German for university studies and research

            • Year-round & Summer German courses for young learners (children, high school students, and youth ages 9-17)

            • Small groups/high intensity courses for companies and individuals, customized courses and one-to-one instruction.

            • Courses for business & legal professionals

            Specific contact pages
            2. F+U Academy of Languages, Heidelberg
            Courses / Programs
            Study German at F+U, the largest test centre for TestDaF in Europe!

            Established in 1980, F+U Academy of Languages is a top language school based in Heidelberg, a picturesque yet vibrant university city in central Germany, 80 km south of Frankfurt, as well as in Berlin, Darmstadt and Chemnitz.  

            All F+U schools combined to cater for 11,000 students & exam participants in 2014 alone.

            Our courses include Intensive German, Business German, DSH / TestDaF exam preparation, and private German lessons, among others. Evening classes are also available.

            Our German teachers are fully qualified and design their lessons with a very lively and entertaining teaching style. Every week, our students can take part in the F+U leisure and cultural activities programme.

            As our students come from all over the world (120+ nationalities to date), the atmosphere in our school is very international. Students get to know each other well, and have fun together while learning German.

            The city of Heidelberg is very accessible, conveniently located between Frankfurt and Stuttgart international airports. Our school is located at Bismarckplatz in the Altstadt (the old-town).

            We offer accommodation in halls of residence, shared or private apartments, 大中华彩票平台appstay with German host families, and hotels.

            "I liked my German teachers a lot. They knew how to make the courses more vivid and interesting for the students. The city itself is very beautiful and the weather was always good."
            - Oleksandra from Ukraine
            German Courses:
            - Basic Beginner to Advanced

            - German Group classes
            - Intensive German courses
            - German language exam prep courses for TestDaF / DSH / onDaF / TestAS..
            - Intensive Semester Course for TestDaF Exam Preparation
            - Academic Year / Long-term
            - Morning / Afternoon German
            - Evening / Weekend German classes
            - Business German
            - German Conversation classes
            - Private German lessons
            - Junior German courses for kids
            - German for Seniors (50+)
            - Summer courses
            - 大中华彩票平台appstay Program (host family)
            - German Internship program
            - Combined German + English course..

            Specific contact pages
            3. International House Heidelberg - Collegium Palatinum, Southern Germany
            Courses / Programs
            Ih Heidelberg - Collegium Palatinum, founded in 1958 offers various types of quality German courses for academic, personal or professional purposes all year round, at all levels, for participants coming from all over the world. German language instruction is based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF ).

            Our Language School is an affiliate of International House World Organisation (IHWO); member of FaDaF (Association for German as a Foreign Language); and an official test center for telc Language Tests and TestDaF language examinations. Our German language programs are designed to provide total language immersion. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will emphasize the German culture and lifestyle and will adapt instruction to your specific learning needs and objectives.

            A wide range of cultural activities and excursions are organized to enrich the learning experience. The school is located in one of the most beautiful regions of romantic Heidelberg, only some few minutes away from the shopping streets, cafes, restaurants, music halls and theatres.
            German Standard Course 20, German Intensive Course 25, German Combination Course 25 Plus 5, German Intensive Course 30, Exam Preparation Courses for telc and TestDaF, Private and specialized instruction, Small Group Course, Private Lessons: German for Business, Online German Courses

            Specific contact pages
            4. Primus Fremdsprachen Institut, Nuremberg
            Courses / Programs
            • Primus Fremdsprachen Institut is a popular German language school located in the heart of Nuremberg in the state of Bavaria in south-east Germany.

            • Founded in 1986, we offer German courses to international students & expats with all levels of German - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

            • Our courses include intensive German courses, exam preparation for the Test DaF, DSH & Goethe exams, private lessons and more through morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

            • Our team consists of highly-experienced and competent teachers who specialize in the areas of language training, adult education, translation and pedagogics. Our German courses are taught by native German speakers.

            • The goal of our German courses program is to help you not only feel comfortable in speaking the language of your choice but also the written form. We aim to give you the ability to feel comfortable and react appropriately in all situations.

            • Nuremberg is located 170km north of Munich and is the second largest city in Bavaria. It is served by excellent road and rail links. Nuremberg Airport offers flights to major cities in Germany and throughout Europe, as well as connecting flights via other airports to international destinations worldwide.

            Student Review:
            "A great experience, and a great school in a great city. If you are willing to come and study the German language, do not hesitate and come quickly to Primus. Thanks for the great time spent in Nürnberg and precisely at Primus."
            - Tarek, Lebanon
            German Courses:
            • Beginner to advanced levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 & C1 courses)
            • Morning, afternoon & evening German classes
            • Intensive German courses (24 lessons per week)
            • Test DaF / DSH / Goethe exam preparation classes
            • Private German lessons
            • Business German course for professionals
            • German classes for healthcare workers in hospitals, doctors offices, and 大中华彩票平台appcare
            • German courses for secondary school students / teenagers
            • Summer German courses
            • Short-term German courses

            Also: Courses for English, Italian, French, Portuguese & Russian.

            Specific contact pages
            5. F+U Academy of Languages, Berlin
            Courses / Programs
            Established in 1980, F+U Academy of Languages is one of Europe's largest language schools with partners around the globe and schools in Berlin, Heidelberg, Darmstadt and Chemnitz, (all centers combined had more than 11,000 students and exam participants in 2014 alone).

            F+U Academy of Languages Berlin is situated on Berlin's famous Friedrichstrasse in Mitte (the heart of the city), and provides a wide range of beginner to advanced level German language courses.

            Renowned for its diverse educational programme, its international character and excellent value for money, the F+U Academy of Languages sets itself apart from the crowd.

            We offer decades of teaching experience, and highly qualified and experienced German teachers who approach their teaching with a very lively and entertaining style.

            Our language programmes can include 大中华彩票平台appstay or hostel / apartment accommodation, and students can participate in a wide range of leisure and cultural activities in addition to their German language lessons.

            Recognitions:  F+U Academy of Languages is member of the Organisation for German as a Foreign Language (fadaf) and of the Association of German Private Schools (VDP).
            German for adults / college students:

            - Intensive German courses
            - Academic / Year-long German courses
            - German Exam prep courses (DSH / TestDaF)
            - Mini group morning / afternoon classes
            - Evening German courses
            - Individual German lessons (private one-to-one, duo, trio)
            - German Conversation classes
            - Business German courses
            - German Grammar for beginners
            - Customized German courses
            - Senior German course 50+
            - Combined German + English course
            - German Cultural & Leisure Programme
            - Professional development seminar for German teachers
            - German IT courses
            6. Horizonte, Bavaria
            Courses / Programs
            Horizonte language institute is located in Regensburg, Bavaria. If you want to learn German in Germany, this is the right place to go. Horizonte was founded in 1986 and has quickly earned a good international reputation through its high standard of teaching and its personal, friendly and unbureaucratic working ethos. Our language school is on the 4th floor of an office building (built in the 50's) in the quiet medieval city centre of Regensburg, they were completely refurbished in 2002. We have eight bright fully equipped classrooms. From some of them you have a view to the cathedral. You can have coffee and use 6 computers at any time. In the afternoon you can in the language and study.
            Standard 20 lessons/wk, intensive 30 lessons/wk, one-to-one. The main emphasis of our courses lies in the following areas: the development of communication skills in spoken and written present-day German.
            7. dialoge sprachinstitut, Bavaria
            Courses / Programs
            dialoge sprachinstitut is a German language school located in Lindau in the Lake Constance region of Bavaria, Southeast Germany. We offer German language courses to adults and juniors (13 - 16 years) including intensive German, summer German courses and preparation courses for recognized examinations. Well selected host families and great leisure activities make your stay perfect.

            After completing an eight weeks German course with dialoge, we offer all students with good German skills (level B1) the opportunity to complete an internship in a company in Lindau. In accordance with the interests of each student, we find a suitable placement (for at least 2 months).

            Dialoge is a certified member of IALC , the International Association of Language Centres, with the aim of demonstrating and guaranteeing quality in modern language schools.

            dialoge sprachinstitut is a modern language school in a historical building, with a view of Lake Constance and the Alps. The Lake Constance region is one of Germany's most magnificent regions of unsurpassed beauty.
            - German courses for adults 17+
            - German courses for juniors 13-16
            - Intensive German courses
            - Summer German courses
            - Exam preparation for Start A2, B1, ZDfB, TestDAF, ZD, ZDj, Start A1
            - Internship / Job placement
            - 大中华彩票平台appstay program with local German host family
            8. Steinke-Institut, Bonn
            Courses / Programs
            Steinke Institute in Bonn offers a broad spectrum of courses of German as a foreign language as well as activities to best enrich the students' learning experience. The strength of the institute lies in providing top-rated language training, as well as personalised consulting and academic advice for the newly arrived foreign students to help them better integrate into their new environment. Small groups with maximum of 10 students per class help each participant to receive individual attention and practice opportunities from the instructor. Final exams take place at the end of each course and certificates are issued for each level achieved.
            A wide range of German courses, at very competitive prices. Special summer German courses.
            9. Akademie für Fremdsprachen GmbH, Berlin
            Courses / Programs
            Founded in 1971, Akademie für Fremdsprachen GmbH is one of Berlin’s leading language schools ideally situated in the centre of the western part of the city, ten minutes from Berlin Zoo Station. Our school has a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere and offers a wide range of German language courses, from regular day classes to more intensive courses and one-to-one tuition. We provide the entire range of proficiency levels, from beginner through to advanced.

            Our school is a recognised centre for a number of Cambridge and London Chamber of Commerce examinations and prepares candidates for professional qualifications in translation. Our German courses usually run in sequence, progressing from one level to the next. However, we do also offer our students the opportunity to take an external examination: Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF).

            At Akademie, we also offer General English, Commercial and Business English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian language courses.
            German language courses for all levels:

            - General German language courses including regular day classes, intensive courses and private, one-to-one tuition,

            - We offer the full range of proficiency levels, from beginner, intermediate, through to advanced.

            - Additional language courses: Commercial & Business English, Spanish, Italian & Russian.
            10. IH Berlin PROLOG
            Courses / Programs
            At IH Berlin PROLOG in the centre of Berlin in eastern Germany we teach German in German because that is the language we want to impart to you. When we founded PROLOG 20 years ago, we wanted to offer a modern alternative to the traditionally language teaching on the market. Our open and inviting atmosphere, the international mix of our students and the cosmopolitan character of Berlin have all combined to impress thousands of language learners from more than 60 countries over the years.

            We have carefully selected all of our teachers according to their academic and language abilities, as well as the way they relate to their students. The competence and experience of our German teachers is of particular importance: teaching qualifications are important, as is extensive experience teaching German as a foreign language at renowned schools and institutions. Many of our German teachers have already completed our Teacher Training programme.
            - Year round German courses
            - Individual or group courses (5 to 10 students) for all levels.
            - Standard German
            - Intensive German
            - Business German
            - Combi German
            - German Language Exam Preparation
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            School & Program Search
            Some of the program inquiries submitted here up to 大中华彩票平台app-03-01 were from viewers in:

            Chihuahua, Colombia;   Guatemala, Guatemala;   Accra, Ghana;   osaka, Japan;   Spain;   Cairo, Egypt;   Jalandhar, India;   Bolzano, Italy;   Vancouver, Canada;   nürnberg, Germany;   and more.