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            Free online word games for kids (girls, boys), spelling games for teens to play on PC, Ipad, Mac on the internet with no download. Word search games, hidden words/ scramble puzzles, anagram games to increase vocabulary, improve spelling, practice activity for learning to spell words correctly.
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            Online Word Games / Spelling Activities for Kids

            Rating: 6.9/10 - 11590 votes

            Online word games for children, teens & Big Kids on – Find educational activities for kids as well as brain-teaser activities for adults and seniors to enjoy also. Play fun free anagram/ word scramble games, interactive spelling games for the classroom or to play at 大中华彩票平台app on your computer. Test your vocabulary and concentration skills. From simple fun spelling games to difficult word thinking puzzles to challenging memory testing exercises. Happy word building!

            Word Boss is an exciting new word / spelling game for children and adults alike where you have to create as many words as you can (in 2 minutes) using the 6 scrambled letter tiles provided. This fun word search game is perfect for anyone who wants to practice their spelling skills in a fast-paced environment or who just wants to have fun playing with all the weird and wonderful words. Have a go! See if you can become the next Word Boss!

            Warning: This game might well drive you nuts! OK so, you only have 2 short-and-sweet minutes to get the job done! Only proper “dictionary” words are allowed – no text-message-type gibberish! You have to achieve a minimum word length - See the columns above for the word's length. In most cases, the minimum of a 3-letter word is required. When you finish the game, you are shown a screen with all the words that you could have used. You’ll be astonished by the number of words you could have used but couldn’t think of while the clock was ticking. Oh, the pressure! Remember, no acronyms or made up words. Best of luck!

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            Have you got what it takes to become the Ultimate Crossword Master? Crossword is a very challenging word puzzle game for kids, teens & grownups where you have to fill in letters into uncompleted crossword puzzles. There are no cryptic clues or hints, you just have to use your vocabulary skills and word-power to figure out which letters go into the grid to form the correct solutions. Each increasingly difficult puzzle has fewer letters filled in for you, so it gets trickier and trickier as you progress.

            This fiendishly difficult brain-teaser will really get you thinking. There are no short-cuts here! This is a fun educational activity that can be enjoyed in the classroom or at 大中华彩票平台app. Be prepared to test your patience, as there is potentially a lot of trial and error required before you can figure out the solution. Ready Puzzle Buster? It’s time to crack that Crossword!

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            Word Maker is a fun online word creation game where you have to find words within a large grid of randomly mixed-up letters (against the clock.) Test your English language skills, and try to come up with as many words as you can in 3 minutes. Word Maker is a bit like the classic word game Scrabble, in that you score points for the amount of letters you use, as well as the difficulty of the letter.

            This tricky online word buster will really test your spelling skills and vocabulary range, as sometimes you have to pick out words that you wouldn’t normally use. It will also test your thinking skills and decision making under pressure, as the clock is always ticking. This is a big grid of randomly-placed letter tiles, but the words are there – just waiting to jump out at you! The question is – do you have the Eagle Eye to spot them? Only one way to find out Word Maker! Good luck.

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            Are you good at guessing games? Fancy testing your English vocabulary skills under pressure? If so, then you’re in for a treat! Space Words Recharged is an entertaining and challenging word game and vocabulary quiz to test your lexicon on; You have to guess the hidden words and enter them in full into the word slots before time runs out (and try not to make any mistakes).

            If you run out of time or make too many mistakes, it’s game over! It starts off relatively easy but then can quickly escalate into a frenzied search for the correct letters - as the Timer gets closer to zero. This fast-paced mind and language-based game requires the ability to predict and spell - at lightning speeds, and a desire to learn new words! OK Word Wizard, have fun!

            Once you guess a correct letter, it appears (as part of the word) on the dotted line in the game screen - making it easier for you to predict what the other letters might be. You have to guess the full word or words before time runs out. Every time you make a mistake, the red mistake bar fills up. You can only make seven mistakes per round. Once you get to seven, you lose. This is a demanding task but endlessly satisfying once you get the correct word! Ready for some vocabulary building action? Time’s ticking!

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            Rebuzz Plus is a challenging riddle-based brain-teaser game for teens and grownups that uses a special type of word puzzle called a Rebus (a pictogram riddle that uses imagery, motion and letters to represent well-known phrases, words or parts of words.) It’s like a mix between Scrabble and Pictionary. In each rebus puzzle, you have to work out a well-known phrase or idiom in the English language from the word or picture representation with words displayed.

            There are 30 brain-teasers for you to set your mind to. See how many of them you can find the solution to. This challenging problem-solving game is a good activity to test and exercise your thinking and linguistic skills, and should also help to improve your spelling and punctuation, as you have to get the wording of the answers meticulously correct in order to progress. Ok Brainiac, it’s time to maximize your brain power. Happy problem-solving!

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            Letter Twist is a fun anagram spelling game for young kids, teenagers and adults where you have to unscramble the letters of two jumbled-up words to make them into proper words. This colorful word learning game is a fantastic way to boost your range of vocabulary in a fresh new way! It starts out easy-peezy, and then gets harder and harder until your brain is well and truly in a spin. If you get past all levels, you're a PRO!

            Your goal is to create clarity out of confusion and sense out of nonsense! Words are everything, so find the right ones! The fewer clicks you make, the higher you will score. Don't make too many clicks or you will lose energy and be penalized. You only have 20 seconds to get the two words right. If time runs out, your energy starts to decrease. When all your energy is gone, it's game over and all the wonderful words disappear. Be warned, the words get more difficult at every level. OK, you know the score - it's time to get un-jumbling-updowning! What? Good luck Wordsworth!

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            SoloWords is an anagram-type of word game where you need to unscramble letters to create new words, and place them on the board. Whether you prefer to call it an anagram-style game or a word scramble or word jumble, or simply just a "mixed-up letters game", you will have fun trying to create words in this addicting and challenging word puzzle for all ages. The game consists of 4 rounds where you must score points to achieve a total score. Words can only be placed horizontally on the board.

            The letters you can choose from are shown at the bottom on tiles. To form a word, click on the letter tiles one by one. If you select an incorrect letter, and want to place it back on the rack, click on it again, and it returns to the rack. Sometimes, you may get an empty tile in the rack as a type of bonus option. Simply click on it to choose the letter you need to form a word. Once you have created a word - you will see rows highlighted where this word can be placed (moved to). Click on that row, and the word moves there. You can then proceed to the next word.

            A round is over after you have placed words on all 5 rows OR after time runs out. The buttons to the right of the rack will let you Exchange (get different letters) or Shuffle (you might see something better after shuffling) the given letters. Words created can be shorter than the rows provided. However, if possible, it is better to create words that match the length of the rows. If you place a full length word in a certain row, you earn the bonus points that are shown on the row. A Fill Bonus is granted if you fill all of the rows on the board. The letters can only be exchanged when the lights, next to the Exchange icon, are lit.

            If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

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            Random Words 2 is a fun and challenging word scramble game for kids and grown-ups. You have to unscramble the hidden word puzzle by rearranging the mixed-up letters displayed, using each letter once. Test your vocabulary knowledge and develop your spelling ability in this free online game. Score points for every jumbled-up word that you correctly solve. There are no levels, no time constraints and you don’t lose points for an incorrect guess. So have fun unraveling the mystery words, and enjoy this game at your own time and pace. Good Luck!

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            Want to improve your vocabulary, challenge your lexicon and have fun at the same time? Well, now’s your chance Brain-Box! WordBuster is an educational word creation / spelling game for children (in middle school & high school) and grownups where you have to create as many words as you can in 1 minute using the initial 3-letter prefix. In each level, you must come up with as many words as you can think of that start with the three letters that are provided. Don’t hang around, because you only have one minute to type as many Real Words as possible into the box. For each correct word you enter, you score points. The longer and better the word, the more points you score!

            This game should help to improve your vocabulary, because at the end of each round, you are given a list of words that you missed. This is a great word building game for kids who also want to improve their spelling - because if you type in a word wrong, the WordBuster tells you that it’s incorrect. This fast-paced game should also help to improve your typing speed and dexterity. Best of all, it gets your brain switched on! It’s a really great educational word-building game for any age-group looking to improve their language skills. Well, what are you waiting for? Get your thinking cap on!

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            An animal recognition and spelling skills game for young children - Grades 1, 2, 3 & 4 (depending on the spelling ability of the individual child) - Animal Quiz is a fun, interactive, multi-level spelling puzzle and animal quiz game to test your general knowledge of animals and your word skills.

            This educational, vocabulary spelling practice activity for mainly lower elementary school grade students (which can also be played as a keyboard typing activity) offers an impressive 300 levels, and is playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, and in 9 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish!

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            Unscramble: In this fun and challenging word puzzle game, spell the word correctly before it disappears off the game screen. A scrambled word definition can be seen in the top right corner of the screen to give you a clue. Rearrange the letters correctly to unscramble the word before the letters reach the bottom of the screen. Develops keen observation, quick-reaction and English language skills while playing this addicting and entertaining game. Good luck!

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            Word Fission is an educational word and spelling skill game where you have to quickly unscramble words to keep a rocket ship in the air. Scientists have developed an amazing new type of energy called Word Fission which they can use to fly futuristic spacecraft through the power of words and letters! Keep unscrambling words as fast as you can, as each time you successfully unscramble a word, more energy flows into your rocket ship and you continue to fly through the air.

            As the game progresses, the words become longer and more complex, so this is a real test of your brain power. This fun word puzzle activity should help to exercise and improve your spelling skills and vocabulary, as there is an endless amount of words to be unscrambled. It will also exercise your quick reactions, as the clock is ticking, and you have to keep on your toes if you want to keep your rocket in the air. Ready for blast off? Let’s get unscrambling, we need rocket fuel!

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            The Onomastica is a very interesting platform adventure running game with a cool, linguistics twist. Playing the role of an acrobatic running and jumping character, you must leap across platforms and ledges made up of different words and letters. These interchangeable block words and letter fragments can be pushed together and manipulated to form new words which alter the game environment in a really clever way. For example – you might have to push the letters E-R toward the end of L-A-D-D – and suddenly, the completed word transforms into a LADDER that you can climb to get to the next ledge!

            Reasons to play this challenging thinking game: Fans of quirky, alternative, highly interactive and thought-provoking puzzle games and brain teasers are in for a treat! Exercise your logical and analytical thinking skills, problem solving stamina levels, and your vocabulary range as you attempt to create solutions with the available letters. Stimulate your observation and reaction skills too - Amid the fun word-play, you still have to run and jump tactfully and accurately.

            Best strategy to win: You need to tap into your ability to ‘think outside of the box’, and rely on your puzzle-busting determination to go deep into this creative and difficult Flash-based game. Sharp keyboard skills are also important as you attempt to join separate words and letter groupings together! Enjoy the fun word-play action!

            Educational note: The name of the game ‘Onomastica’, comes from the Greek term ‘onomastics’ which is a branch of linguistic study that focuses on names and people.

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            Test your thinking speed, lexicon and spelling skills against the clock in this fun and educational word-forming puzzle & brainteaser game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC, Word Candy is a challenging and enjoyable word scramble quiz game for kids, teens and grownups where you must form valid, recognized words of three or more letters from a set of 6 jumbled up letters against the clock. Each level has a target number of words that you must create before the 2.5 minute clock runs out!

            This online, HTML5-based, anagram / word puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. This could be a good exercise for improving your analytical thinking skills, spelling, and general vocabulary as you must methodically and creatively form quick-fire words from the 6 base letters at the bottom of the play area. While the linguistic and analytical sides of the game are important, a sense of urgency and quick reactions also come into play as you must try to beat the countdown. 

            Tip: Look at the candy pictures at the top of the play area – each candy sweet represents a possible word that you could make from the available letters below. Clue: The number of colors in each candy corresponds to how many letters are in the hidden word!

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            Play one of the most phenomenally popular word scramble puzzles of all time on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC! 4 Pics 1 Word Online is a highly-stimulating, multi-level and head-scratching, scrambled brain teaser game inspired by the legendary app where you are shown four pictures that are linked by one word (which you must then guess from the set of jumbled up letters at the bottom of the play area). Play on your own, or enlist the help of other puzzle activity enthusiasts in your family, classroom, or group of friends! See how far you can climb up the famous 4 Pics 1 Word scoreboard – each completed puzzle moves you to the next level.

            Game Concept: Each level follows the same format - You are shown four completely different images, and must figure out the single word that links all four pictures. The scrambled letters of this word are displayed at the bottom of the game screen. The catch here is that there are also some trick letters in the set that are NOT part of your target word.

            Example Level: For example, the four pictures might be: 1) Railroad tracks, 2) A person in a gym, 3) A teacher with a student, 4) A boy talking sternly to his dog. The answer that links all four pictures: TRAIN!
            This online, HTML5-based, picture-based, word scramble game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include good analytical thinking and cognitive thinking skills, logic, a decent vocabulary range, and simple spelling skills (The level is only completed once you type in the target word spelled 100% correctly). High levels of concentration and patience are also very important. Ask for help from a best friend or family member if you get stuck on a word! You may even want to turn the game into a multiplayer activity! 

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            Highly-challenging, general knowledge quiz game for young global fans of movies, songs, music groups, soccer football, and geography! Wordz is a tricky, word-based ‘fill in the blanks’ brainteaser puzzle where you must fill in a blank grid with letters in order to reveal the correct answer (name). Here, you are given a specific clue / category (‘Soccer Teams’, ‘Movies & Actors’, ‘Songs & Artists’, ‘World Capitals’), and must fill in the blanks by clicking on individual letters. Correct letters fill in blank spaces on the word grid – and you must solve the puzzle before you run out of guesses!

            Reasons to play: Test your general knowledge of movies, songs, music groups, geography and sport (soccer)! While you might be a soccer football enthusiast and pass the soccer levels easily – you might need help from a more experienced quiz buff to help you find answers to other topics! This game could be played as a good fun teamwork activity for all the family at 大中华彩票平台app where you could try to figure out the various clues together.

            How to Play: A Flash-based, word quiz and letter guessing game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). At the beginning of each level, your category is displayed above the blank grid on the left hand side of the play area. General knowledge subjects include World Capitals, Soccer Teams, Movies & Actors, and Songs & Artists. All 26 letters of the alphabet are displayed on the right hand side of the play area. Your task is to fill the blank grid with the correct letters. However, you are only allowed 3 mistakes. If you enter a fourth incorrect letter, it's game over!

            Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the letter you want to add to the word grid. If the correct answer contains this letter – it is posted in the grid. However, if the letter is not contained in the answer, you score 1 ‘mistake’ in the box below the main grid. If you successfully fill all of the letters into the grid, you progress to the next level. See how many puzzles you can solve in a row!

            If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

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            Wonderful Wordsmiths Required! Test your vocabulary skills with this interactive and educational word creation game for older kids, teens and adults! Wordtris is a clever and challenging, word puzzle-based activity where you must create valid words from a list of randomly placed letter tiles. Kind of similar in concept to a classic block-stacking puzzle like Tetris, this language-based game requires you to complete your word-creation task before the stacks of letters reach the top of the play area. Each level features a new and challenging task to be completed against the clock!

            Reasons to play this quirky, online word power game: This is an excellent brain teaser challenge for anyone who enjoys quick-fire word puzzles, or non-native English speaking players who like to exercise their English language skills. Stimulate your focus and concentration levels and quick thinking ability as you attempt to find words within the jumbled letters, and use your fast reactions to complete the tasks before the letters ascend all the way to the top of the screen.

            Best strategy: Good knowledge of the English language and sharp spelling skills are required here. You must keep a cool head at all times under pressure. Carefully study the letters at your disposal, and wrack your brains to pick out a word from them. Play with a friend or family member for added fun and eyes!

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            Play a fun, word & picture-based, spelling quiz game on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook or desktop PC! Mr. Smith Pics & Words is an interactive, multi-level and educational guessing game for young children where you spell out a word based on a picture at the top of the play area. Featuring 4 categories (Animals, Food, Flags & People), you must carefully select the letters that spell out the correct word corresponding to the picture in 100 levels!

            If you get stuck, you can ‘call’ the enigmatic quiz master Mr. Smith for a helpful hint (who automatically fills out one of the letter spaces). However, Mr. Smith is a very busy man, so you can't use this Hint Feature continuously.

            This online, HTML5-based, word & picture quiz game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. The game could be played as a fun interactive activity and online exercise in the elementary school classroom or at 大中华彩票平台app for improving a child's spelling skills and general knowledge (especially geography – where you can learn about 25 different flags from a range of countries around the world!). 

            Play this Game