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            Contact Page - Online Paralegal Course

            Image of Online Training College Online Training College:
            From the comfort and safety of your own computer, simply log onto Online Training College's classes from anywhere and you could end up working within a prestigious and well paid office of a UK Law Firm. This 12 week Online Paralegal course (6 weeks per each Module). is suitable for men and women wanting to enter the legal world as Certified Legal Assistants. Career opportunities within the legal profession have never been more positive. Paralegals are being relied upon to fulfil many roles within Law Firms and commercial companies. Their duties may involve them working in Conveyancing, Litigation, 大中华彩票平台app and Commercial.

            Email: Contact us below

            A "Paralegal" is a legal personnel who is nPhoto of Contact Page - Online Paralegal Courseot a Legal Secretary, not a qualified Barrister, Solicitor or Legal Executive. The Paralegal Certificate can be obtained over shorter periods of intensive training with us. Many students view this qualification as an initial step into the legal world. For the dedicated student, further studies can be undertaken via the Institute of Legal Executives, Law Society or Bar Council.

            To be eligible to do our Paralegal Course - candidates must have a minimum of 3 GCSEs - IT, English Language and Maths preferred, or for mature students, relevant office experience.

            Paralegal Course Contents
            Both modules or a single module of preference can be studied.

            Module 1,  six-week course

            General Principles of English Law - up to 'A' Level standard
            - English Legal System
            - Contract Law
            - Law of Tort
            - Criminal Law
            - Civil Law

            Module 2,  six-week course:
            Procedural Law - up to 'A' Level standard
            - Conveyancing
            - Criminal Litigation
            - Civil Litigation
            - Matrimonial

            Other legal career courses offered
            - Litigation (Criminal, Civil & Matrimonial) - 5 weeks
            - Conveyancing (Freehold & Leasehold) - 5 weeks - Conveyancing & Litigation - 10 weeks

            Flexible Study Times
            Students who are unable to log on to our Live! Online Lessons can utilise our Recorded Video Lessons online, anytime. This is to facilitate all international students outside our time zone, so that you are still able to study with us from within your country大中华彩票平台app.

            Career Options
            Working within the legal profession can be a rewarding and satisfying experience. Legal personnel are required within the public and private sectors. The role of the Paralegal is crucial within legal services. A paralegal salary can range from £16,000 to £25,000 a year depending on level of expertise and experience.

            As well as solicitors, many organisations need and benefit from legal assistants who have a broad knowledge of law and procedure. If you have work experience within sectors such as insurance, banking, real estate, private law firms, or the courts, a Paralegal qualification can be invaluable.

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