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            Contact - Online Courses Australia / Distance Learning Certification

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            1. International Career Institute
            Courses / Programs
            • The International Career Institute (ICI) is a leading distance learning school offering online career training / professional development courses to students in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and worldwide.

            • We offer online courses at ICI Diploma & ICI Advanced Diploma levels in fields including business management, marketing, PR, HR, journalism, fashion design, web design, counselling, nursing assistant, pet care, beauty therapy, makeup, among many others.

            • Completing a certification course at ICI enables a graduate to secure their own future by establishing or advancing a career or by even establishing their own business.

            • ICI is an accredited and recognised member of the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC) and the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC). We are also a member of the College of Teachers.

            • Using experienced industry-based faculty and the latest resources ICI delivers exciting multi-discipline career and lifestyle prospects to a broad range of people world wide.

            • Our Institute was founded on the principle that the key to success in today's business and work environment is knowledge.

            Student Review:
            "The course was one of the most rewarding courses I have taken. It was practical and useful. Since doing the course I have had the confidence to deal with clients and I take on projects. I now take a more active role in my workplace and I now feel that I am making daily contributions to my company."
            - Ashley
            ICI Diploma & ICI Advanced Diploma online courses include:

            •Business Management
            •Hospitality Management
            •Paralegal Secretarial
            •Human Resources (HR)
            •Public Relations (PR)
            •Fashion Design
            •Interior Design
            •Beauty & Make Up
            •Wedding Planning
            •Event Management
            •Catering & Cooking
            •Natural Health / Nutrition
            •Counselling & Psychology
            •Nursing Assistant
            •Pharmacy Assistant
            •Pet Care / VET Assistant
            •Spanish/ Foreign Language
            •TESOL Teacher Training, & more

            We have weekly intake dates, and you can enroll whenever you are ready.

            Specific contact pages
            2. AXiOM College
            Courses / Programs
            In today's fast paced life, eLearning has become a necessity. AXiOM College's eCampus is our eLearning program, designed to give you the skills you need, at your convenience. AXiOM College's eCampus is a fast learning tool that will allow you to study in the comfort of your own 大中华彩票平台app or office...when you're ready! Courses offered at AXiOM College range from Information Technology to Business. Our Microsoft Office 2000, 2003 & XP Package Courses include Windows (Introduction), Word, Access, Excel, FrontPage, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Publisher
            Short courses bring you up-to-speed on software or licensing to enhance your job options including:

            - All Microsoft Software
            - Multimedia or Web Design
            - MYOB
            - Hospitality
            - Blue Card or Asbestos Cert
            - Training & Assessment
            3. Arden University, UK - Online Courses
            Courses / Programs
            • Online education with Arden University empowers you to study a degree from a UK University and enhance your career potential from Australia, NZ or elsewhere around the world!

            • Arden University has a physical campus in Coventry, UK, and also offers high quality online bachelor & postgraduate degree programmes to international students all over the world.

            • Through their 25+ years of experience, Arden University have positioned themselves as distance learning specialists, enabling students to access their career-focused programmes online.

            • They have supported over 50,000 students whilst remaining true to their core values, ensuring higher education is available for all.

            • Arden University’s commitment to quality education is demonstrated through their portfolio of career-focussed online programmes. Their versatile undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications are approved by UK professional bodies, with many programmes receiving accreditation.

            • Covering a range of professional subjects in 12 academic fields, Arden University make UK education accessible and affordable through their innovative study platform. You can study from any location, at any time, and on any digital device, meaning you have complete control over your education.
            Masters Degree Programs
            MBA (CMI)
            MBA (Finance)
            MBA (Data Analytics)
            MBA (Top Up)
            MSc Psychology (BPS)
            MA Human Resource Management (CIPD)
            MA Strategic Marketing (CIM)
            MSc Engineering Management (CMI)
            MSc IT Security Management
            MSc Strategic IT Management
            MSc Project Management (APM)
            MSc Telecommunications Management
            MSc Enterprise Architecture Management
            MSc Data Analytics (8)

            Bachelor & BA Top-Up Degrees
            Business  (12)
            Graphic Design
            Health Care
            Top ups (5)
            4. Creative Institute of Australia
            Courses / Programs
            Based in Sydney and Melbourne in New South Wales, the Creative Institute of Australia offers a unique distance education program in professional photography. The CIA distance program is a blend of correspondence and online training. Your fully illustrated, magazine style, course materials form an invaluable continuing resource and are supported by our experienced and professionally qualified online tutors. CIA tutors and curriculum developers have over 15 years experience in professional photography and our programs have been developed by some of Australia leading photographic experts.

            CIA hold ongoing face to face workshops in Melbourne and Sydney for distance students to attend. The distance programs are suitable for international and interstate students; many students working full time undertake these programs without having to attend scheduled classes. There is no time limit, study at your own pace. Each student is assigned their professional tutor at the start of their program and when ready to undertake the commercial unit, the student will choose their major project.
            Online Courses in Professional Photography; Distance Courses in Creative Imaging Light & Camera; Natural Light Portraiture; Commercial Photography, Art and Fine Light Photography, Photographic Business Studies. Our distance students can also take part in workshops which are organised in Sydney and Melbourne throughout the year.
            5. Online Candle Making Courses in Australia & Worldwide
            Courses / Programs
            • With The Candle Academy, a leading candle making training provider, you can now learn to make beautiful candles from the comfort of your own 大中华彩票平台app or studio in Australia or around the world.

            • Taught by Gary Simmons from the UK - one of the top candle designers in the world - our distance learning candle making courses will start you on the path to an exciting new career in candle design or a very rewarding hobby.

            • Offered through a combination of HD video demonstration, PDF files, email correspondence, and consultation with your instructor via Skype, our courses are for complete Beginners to Advanced level artists and design professionals.

            • Gary Simmons also teaches on-site candle making courses at his residential school in Jamaica.

            • Our unique and intensive distance learning candle making courses follow the same techniques and training methods as our face-to-face programs, making it an ideal solution for people that live too far to be able to attend in person.

            • Our comprehensive courses aim to equip you with the creative, technical, and commercial skills you need to make a profit and livelihood from this special profession.

            Candle Academy Student Reviews:

            "It has been a privilege to learn from a master."
            - Sam, Israel

            "Very detailed and intensive. I was looking for the wow factor and that's exactly what I got."
            - G. Woodard, USA

            "I never imagined that candle making could be so exciting and challenging the course is full of information and helpful tips."
            - Y. Tran, Brazil
            Online Candle Making Courses

            Candle Making Seminars via Skype:

            HD Video Course Options:
            • PLATINUM COURSE
            • HOBBY COURSE

            Clear, Concise, Interactive Teaching: 
            These comprehensive candle making courses aim to equip you with the creative, technical, and commercial skills you need to make a livelihood from this special profession.

            Training is Hands-on and Very Visual.
            6. Deakin University
            Courses / Programs
            Deakin is one of Australia's largest universities, providing all the resources of a major university to more than 32,000 award students. More than 40 percent of Deakin students study by distance education. Off-campus and online study options give students the flexibility to change study mode during a course, or pick up extra subjects. The University's library and IT resources are set up to fully support this study flexibility. Deakin offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate coursework courses at a distance. Faculties include Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Science & Technology, Institute of Koorie Education.
            Diplomas, Bachelor & Master Degrees in fields such as Creative Arts, Social & International Studies, Cultural Studies in Education, Business, Management & Marketing, Accounting, Economics & Finance, Law, Information Systems, Health & Behavioural Sciences, Psychology, Nutrition Sciences, Nursing, Science & Technology, Architecture & Building, Biological & Chemical Sciences, IT, Engineering...

            Specific contact pages
            7. Wealth Within Institute
            Courses / Programs
            Wealth Within delivers Australia's first and only accredited share trading courses at Diploma and Advanced Diploma level that teach you proven investment strategies to safely, confidently and profitably trade the share market.

            All our services are delivered through a supportive online environment. This means wherever you are in the world, you can access the services you have subscribed to online, making it easier and convenient for you to achieve your financial goals.

            We are licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and hold a dealers and advisors license. Wealth Within is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), trading as the Wealth Within Institute.
            Online Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Share Trading and Investment.

            - Both qualifications are nationally accredited and internationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQTF),

            - This means our courses are independent evidence that you will be competent in the techniques and strategies taught.
            8. Courses Direct Distance Education Schools
            Courses / Programs
            Welcome大中华彩票平台app to 21st century learning. Courses Direct Distance Education Schools is a world leader in distance education including in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland. We have helped students realise their earning and creative potential in many areas such as business management, computer studies, psychology, photography, science, education and research and many others. We've set them off down exciting new careers! Courses Direct Distance Education Schools is affiliated with Australian Correspondence Schools, which were established in 1979. ACS has established a high level of respect in academic circles.

            Unlike most institutions, Courses Direct Distance Education has none of the overheads associated with the upkeep of a campus. This enables us to deliver quality learning at an extremely affordable prices. There are no addtional cost to students when you choose to study with Courses Direct Distance Education Schools. Our fees include textbooks, study materials and more.
            Certificates and Associate Diplomas in Business, Management and Marketing; Computer Studies; Psychology and Counselling; Photography; Publishing and Writing; Science; Education and Research; Environmental Studies; Agriculture; Alternative Living (Organic Plant Culture, Self Sufficiency etc.); Health, Fitness and Leisure Studies.
            9. Umat Preparation at MedEntry, Melbourne
            Courses / Programs
            MedEntry is located in Melbourne, Australia, and helps students wishing to enter medicine or other health science areas in university. If your aim is to enter medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, pharmacy or any other health science course that requires the UMAT in Australasia, you've come to the right place. Discounts are available for disadvantaged students.

            MedEntry is a division of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Education (ANZIE), an accredited organisation which provides educational services for those making the transition between secondary and tertiary education.

            MedEntry offers its services to students throughout the world, and also has offices in Seattle, Chicago, Birmingham and Singapore.
            UMAT Courses:

            - Medical interview preparation courses
            - Distance Education
            - Online Test Prep Help
            - Sample UMAT Questions
            - Full UMAT Practice Exams
            & much more...
            10. Spanish Gurus
            Courses / Programs
            Learn Spanish online in Australia with Spanish Gurus!

            We provide online Spanish language classes to adults and children throughout Australia and worldwide.

            Whether you are a basic beginner or at a more advanced level, you can quickly and effectively improve your Spanish language skills from the comfort of your own 大中华彩票平台app or office.

            Taught by experienced native Spanish speaking teachers, our group courses (maximum of 6 students) and private Spanish lessons are delivered via top-quality video conference.

            Spanish Gurus offer flexible scheduling with morning, afternoon, and evening classes available during weekdays and weekends.

            Our online Spanish courses ensure students acquire the level of Spanish language that is required by DELE and SIELE, the official Spanish language exams. We provide a professional and rigorous curriculum, taught in the same way that official schools and top universities teach it.

            Spanish Gurus also offers private tutors for IB Spanish and for Cambridge IGCSE Spanish to make sure students acquire the best exam scores.

            On successful completion of a course, you will receive a CEFR Certificate (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

            Student Testimonial:
            "I am studying Spanish as I love the language and its culture. I have access to native teachers from anywhere I am in the world. If I miss a class when travelling for work, I can always attend the class offline when I get to the hotel. Spanish Gurus is the best way to learn Spanish!"
            - Steven
            Online Spanish Courses:
            - Taught via Video Conference. We teach European Spanish & Latin American Spanish.

            Group Spanish Courses (3- 6 students)

            • General Spanish
            • DELE exam preparation
            • SIELE exam preparation
            • Spanish for children
            • Customized Spanish course for companies
            • VIP courses - customized classes

            Private & Semi-private Spanish Lessons (1-2 students)

            • General Spanish
            • DELE exam preparation
            • SIELE exam preparation
            • Spanish for children
            • Customized Spanish course for companies
            • Tutors for IB / IGCSE Spanish
            • VIP courses - customized classes
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